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Customer Satisfaction

Greywell Satisfaction

Greywell goes to great lengths to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and our buyers are encouraged to complete Satisfaction Surveys covering eight areas.

The most recent surveys conducted at Henley Grange achieved over 95% total satisfaction with one buyer recording full marks in every category.



"First class customer service"


"After sale care has been brilliant"


"Easy to contact and issues were dealt with quickly"



We invite purchasers to comment on the following:

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Purchase, Handover Process and Post-Handover

The overall way you were looked after during viewings, the decision to buy and purchase process.

The level of information provided about your property, it's specification and answers to your questions.

The standard of finish and quality of the propetry at handover.

The standard of explanation and demonstration of your property.

How we have dealt with defects and post occupation matters.

Design and experience in use

The layout and configuration of your property.

Detailing (eg. light switch positions, kitchen design, etc).


Operational functionality (for example, heating systems, showers, kitchen appliances).

Any other comments – Poor or outstanding performance / points.


Further information about the new home buying and ‘bedding in’ process is attached.

(click to download pdf)


Customer Service Policy

(click to download pdf)


Please read prior to purchase and ask for a copy of your property’s specification before you commit to buy, so you are clear about what is being sold and what is expected of you as a buyer.

If you have any further questions please contact our estate agents in the first instance for properties for sale, or your Greywell contact for properties already purchased or in the conveyancing process.


We hope you will love your new Greywell Home and be very happy in it.